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Table 1 Contributions of DRUID Study Partner Organisations

From: Study Protocol – Diabetes and related conditions in urban Indigenous people in the Darwin, Australia region: aims, methods and participation in the DRUID Study

Organisation Contribution
Menzies School of Health Research Two investigators, several ISG members, several TRG members, employment of the project team, three post-graduate research students, development of study protocols, provision of testing and office facilities, hosting of group meetings, garage and storage facilities, freezer space, general study infrastructure
Northern Territory Department of Health and Community Services Two investigators, several ISG members, several TRG members, testing facilities at several locations, major mail-out to potential participants, input to study design, on-premises recruitment
Danila Dilba Health Service Several ISG members, TRG members, Eye Health Worker for complications assessment, hosting of majority of ISG meetings, provision of occasional testing facilities, some recruitment
International Diabetes Institute Two investigators, TRG members, provision of training for complications assessment, input to study design, advice on several aspects of the study including data management and laboratory setup, use of a proprietary software package, links with the AusDiab Partnership in Type 2 Diabetes and other national organisations
Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health Two investigators, ISG members, assistance with development of the communications strategy, assistance with education and training issues
Yilli Rreung ATSIC Regional Council ISG member (sitting fees were provided by the Council to enable attendance as part of official Council duties)
Diabetes Australia NT TRG members, diabetes awareness training as part of staff orientation, educational resources, health education for participants at some complications screenings
Top End Division of General Practice TRG members, facilitation of communication with general medical practitioners
National Heart Foundation (NT) TRG member