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Table 6 Comparison occupied bed days in practices with and with and without access to general practitioner CH beds

From: Community hospitals – the place of local service provision in a modernising NHS: an integrative thematic literature review

  Practices with GP Beds: Differences in Occupied Bed Days (Compared to Practices with no GP Bed Access)
  Baker 1986 Hine 1996 Stark 2000
Geriatric Bed Use 50% reduction 88.5% reduction 34.5% reduction
General Medicine   26.9% reduction 39.7% reduction
Surgery - 1.6% reduction 18% reduction
Other 9.7% reduction - 4.9% reduction
Total 6.5% increase 7.6% increase 6.5% increase
  1. Note: Baker compared practices in Oxford City with no access to GP beds to other Oxfordshire Practices with no access to GP beds, to Oxfordshire Practices with access to GP beds. Analyses were divided into General Medicine and Geriatrics (one category); other specialties and all specialties in DGHs or GP hospitals. The results presented are comparisons of non-Oxford City Practices with Practices with GP bed access. (Source: Stark 2000)