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Table 2 Attitudes about intimate partner violence among survey participants (n = 249)

From: A knowledge, attitudes, and practice survey among obstetrician-gynaecologists on intimate partner violence in Flanders, Belgium

Survey statement Agree (%) Neutral (%) Disagree (%)
Are you prepared to screen with the Abuse Assessment Screen form    
   Each and every patient (universal screening)? 15.7 14.8 69.5
   In case of suspected abuse (directed screening)? 82.7 10.4 6.8
Do you agree that pregnancy provides a unique window of opportunity for (universal) screening? 24.1 27.3 48.6
Do you agree that all pregnant women should be screened at least once during each trimester? 5.2 14.1 80.7
Do you feel that universal screening for partner abuse is not justified because of its low prevalence? 39.3 23.3 37.3
Do you agree that gynaecologists have the medical responsibility to screen    
   Each and every patient (universal screening)? 15.2 29.7 55.0
   In case of suspected abuse (directed screening)? 79.6 9.6 10.8
Do you consider partner violence a family affair for which the partners themselves should take responsibility? 10.4 13.3 76.3
Do you think that partner abuse is a phenomenon pertaining to social disadvantaged groups and therefore screening should be confined to the latter? 7.6 14.5 77.9
Do you agree that women may harass their spouses so badly/to the extent that is conceivable for husbands to lose their temper? 6.4 24.9 68.7
I feel familiar with this issue and I am sufficiently skilled to launch direct questions regarding partner abuse 22.9 25.7 51.4
I am awe to lose control over the situation, once the issue of partner abuse has been addressed 24.1 25.7 50.2
Overall, obstetricians or gynaecologists are insufficiently familiar with partner abuse in order to adequately deal with it and to properly refer patients 60.3 20.5 19.2
As a gynaecologist, I am familiar with the referral possibilities and facilities following the assessment of partner abuse 28.1 12.0 59.8
It is of no use to screen for partner violence, because there is no solution for the problem anyway 12.4 22.1 65.4
It is of no use to screen for partner violence, because of a lack of referral facilities that can provide adequate and specialized care? 44.9 24.9 30.1
Patient referral in case of partner abuse makes no sense, because most abused women will stick to their relationship either which way 26.5 36.1 37.3
If victims of partner abuse charge a complaint with the police, little, if anything, is done about it 37.2 41.8 20.9