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Table 3 The nutrition knowledge scale.

From: Factors influencing consumer dietary health preventative behaviours

Knowledge about health and nutrition Difficulty factor (% of respondents answering correctly)
1. Whole milk is a better source of calcium than skimmed milk. F 39.4
2. Removing the skin from chicken reduces the fat content. T 68.8
3. Eating more bread helps to increase protein in the diet. F 49.2
4. Any type of fat may damage the health. F 39.6
5. A high intake of salt may increase blood pressure. T 87.7
6. Butter contains more cholesterol than margarine. T 87.9
7. The daily calorie intake should not exceed in general 3200. T 70.0
8. No more than a third of calories should come from fat. T 58.6
9. White bread is more nutritious than wholemeal bread. F 87.8
10. Soya beans are a good source of proteins. T 80.1
11. Cholesterol is found only in foods containing fat or oil. F 22.1
  1. Source: authors survey data