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Table 1 A summary of selective study construct measures.

From: Factors influencing consumer dietary health preventative behaviours

Construct Items used Factor loadings
Dietary Health Preventive Behaviour Positive actions (.746)
  1. I try to consume a lot of fruit and vegetables .84
  2. I choose products rich in fiber .54
  3. I often choose products with low animal fat content .59
  Negative actions (.716)
  4. I try to eat as little salt as possible .59
  5. I try to avoid stimulants (coffee, cola) .74
  6. I try to have a balanced diet .54
  7. I try to avoid confectionery products.  
  8. I do not eat some foods because they make me fat.  
  Alcohol moderation  
  9. I try to consume alcohol with moderation  
Health motivation Passive behaviour (Hmpassive) (.712)
  10. I do not change my behaviour until I do have a health problem. .46
  11. I would rather enjoy life than avoiding exposing myself to all health hazards. .96
  12. I don't worry about health hazards until there appear diseases that become a problem. .59
  13. I am not going to worry about all the problems as there are so many problems that can hurt you these days. .62
  Proactive behaviour (Hmactive) (.783)
  14. I am concerned about health hazards .67
  15. I try to prevent health problems .74
  1. Note: Construct/composite reliabilities are reported in parentheses
  2. Source: derived from authors survey data