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Archived Comments for: Duration of unemployment and depression: a cross-sectional survey in Lithuania

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  1. Interesting descriptive study, need for causal study

    Isabelle Pitrou, CHU Rouen, France

    3 August 2006

    I read with great interest the article by Stankunas and al. about unemployment duration and depressive disorders. This study showed associations between unemployment and mental illness. Results indicate that depression is more prevalent among the long-term unemployed. However, this study is transversal and descriptive. As regards to the results, unemployment can not be considered as a risk factor for depression. Mental disorder can as well be the cause for unemployment as the consequence. Also unmemployed persons enrolled in the study may include disabled persons that suffer from mental or psychological ilness.

    Futher research should be conducted and would be interested, for example case-control study or large cohort study (measure of OR and RR).

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