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Table 1 Overview of measurements

From: A school-based physical activity program to improve health and fitness in children aged 6–13 years ("Kinder-Sportstudie KISS"): study design of a randomized controlled trial [ISRCTN15360785]

Physical activity Cardiovascular risk factors
Extent and pattern* Body composition
Accelerometers Blood pressure
General fitness Insulin
Aerobic fitness Adiponectin
Strength Lipids
Balance Highly sensitive CRP
Coordination SHBG
  General health
Anthropometry Personal and family history*
Standing and sitting height Nutrition*
Weight Missed school due to injury or illness*
Armspan Back pain*
Waist and hip circumference  
Pubertal stage* Psychosocial health
  Quality of life*
Bone health Self-esteem*
Calcium intake* Social fear*
Densitometry Stress management*
Markers of bone metabolism School ambience*
History of bone disease* Substance abuse*
  1. *evaluated by questionnaire
  2. CRP = C-reactive protein, SHBG = sex hormone binding globulin