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Table 5 Multiple regression analysis with factors that affect duration of taking iron tablets, partial regression coefficients shown (n = 151)

From: Why do adult women in Vietnam take iron tablets?

R2 0.21 p-value
Receiving iron tablets at commune health center (0:no, 1:yes) 0.96 P < 0.05
Healthy new born is a reason that iron tablets are helpful (0:no, 1:yes) 1.1 P < 0.01
Side effects (0:not experienced, 1: experienced) -1.3 P < 0.01
Preferring treatment (0:traditional, 1:western) -0.89 P < 0.05
Frequency of check up (2: twice 3: three times 4: more than three times) 1.0 P < 0.05
  1. Factors included in the model were: Age in years, education, religion, mother's occupation, number of children, hygiene latrine, first place of checked up, knowledge of anemia, if IEC was seen in commune, reasons of taking iron tablets, caution for taking iron tablets, experiences of side effects, if iron tablets were delivered before pregnancy, place of receiving iron tablets health worker, if side effects was explained, information source of anemia were also entered in the first models and did not remain in the final models. Only risk factors which partial regression coefficients were significant (p < 0.05) were included in the final models.
  2. R2 = is the determination coefficient.
  3. The P-value is for the correlation between duration of taking iron tablets and its affecting factors by the multiple regression analysis.