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Table 3 Knowledge about measles among the mothers of children eligible for 18-month or 36-month checkup

From: Measles vaccine coverage and factors related to uncompleted vaccination among 18-month-old and 36-month-old children in Kyoto, Japan

  Percentage of respondents answering "yes"
  18-month group 36-month group
Participants n = 2707 n = 2340
All children should be vaccinated against measles once they have reached the age of one 78.7 71.7
Measles is accompanied by high fever 74.1 76.2
Measles is accompanied by rashes 72.6 73.7
Measles is highly contagious 66.4 67.9
Most people can be immunized against measles through vaccination 50.4 51.0
The best way to prevent measles is through vaccination 45.1 45.7
Severe cases of measles are more likely to occur in younger children 41.6 34.4
There are some reported cases of death from measles in Japan 40.7 37.6
Measles can cause encephalitis 37.6 38.4
Some measles-infected children may suffer from the sequelae of measles 30.7 30.7
Measles can cause pneumonia 26.0 24.0
Measles is accompanied by severe coughing 10.0 8.8