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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Feasibility and effectiveness of offering a solution-focused follow-up to employees with psychological problems or muscle skeletal pain: a randomised controlled trial

General inclusion criteria:
• Psychological problems (ICPC chapter P)
• Symptoms of general exhaustion and burn-out (A01, A04)
• Muscoloskeletal pain (ICPC chapter L)
Following ICPC-diagnoses were excluded:
• Psychological problems: P70–73, P77, P80, P98.
• Muscoloskeletal pain: L70, L71, L72–L76, L77–L79, L80–82
• Additional causes for exclusion: Self employed, pregnancy, graded sick leave of less than 50%, those awaiting for elective ortophedic surgery, those becoming 66 or more in the present year, foreign born persons in need of interpreter to communicate