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Table 9 Ntshembo behaviour change techniques

From: Application of Intervention Mapping to develop a community-based health promotion pre-pregnancy intervention for adolescent girls in rural South Africa: Project Ntshembo (Hope)

Behaviour change techniques (Abraham 2008) Determinants
Provide information about behaviour-health link (IMB)
Provide information on consequences (TPB)
Health literacy
Prompt barrier identification (SCT)
Prompt specific goal setting (CT)
Prompt self-monitoring of behaviour (CT)
Provide general encouragement (SCT)
Model or demonstrate the behaviour (SCT)
Provide feedback on performance (CT)
Plan social support or social change
Social support
Prompt intention formation (TPB, SCT, IMB) N/A
  1. Note: IMB = Information-motivation-behavioural skills model, TPB = Theory of planned behaviour, SCT = Social cognitive theory