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Table 1 Selected process evaluation measures and minimum standards per intervention level

From: B’More healthy communities for kids: design of a multi-level intervention for obesity prevention for low-income African American children

Intervention level Intervention component Minimum standards for delivery
Policy # of attendees/meeting >25
  # of different sectors represented/meeting >6
  # ABM sub-groups formed/year >2
Wholesaler # of food items that meets the nutrition guidelines per phase ≥3
  # wholesalers that provide discount to BHCK intervention stores 2
  % of shelf labels correctly placed ≥75%
Recreation Center/Peer Leader # of planned intervention sessions delivered by youth-leaders ≥75%
  # of kid interactions per session at the recreation center ≥12
Corner Store/Carryout # of NEW promoted foods stocked per phase ≥4
  # of kid interactions during interactive session/store/phase ≥20
  # healthier options on menu (designated by green leaf)/phase ≥4
  # reduced price healthier options on menu/phase ≥4
Family/SMS messaging, social media % families receiving invitation to join SMS program 90%
  % that join 40%
  # SMS text messages sent to participants/week 2
  % text messages received 80%
  % families that participate in one of BHCK’s social media websites 50%
  # posts/week on 1+ social media websites 1
  # goal-setting messages/week 1