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Table 4 Focus group themes - exploring text messaging as a survey tool in a low income community

From: Text messaging as a community-based survey tool: a pilot study

Category Theme Representative quote
General experience with text survey Positive “I would read a text [survey] faster than if somebody sent me a survey through the mail”.
“That”s all people do is text anyway!”
“It is plain and simple. It isn’t like you are sending off paragraphs at a time.”
Negative “But I would forget. You know, once you get to your destination you forget [to answer the text]”.
Technical issues Phone service provider issues “Like sometimes in my house, in our neighborhood the reception is bad so if a text comes through and I go outside I will respond to the text and like the next day I go and see that it was saved in ‘address’ like, you didn’t send”.
Timing and frequency Number of texts “Two [a day] is enough for me”.
“Send some more! Send five a day!”
Timing “I didn’t like the ones that came after ten because I turn in like at eight. So the ones I got at ten o’clock you might have got a weird answer”.
“Sundays are not good because of church”.
Texts compared to other modes Preferred over paper, phone, face-to-face, internet surveys “I want to do more text surveys”.
“I like text surveys better than those other kinds [of surveys]”.
“It takes a shorter time if I text than just writing it on a sheet of paper”.
“It’s a lot quicker than taking a survey on the internet. I will tell you that!”
Implementation for text surveys Types of survey questions “Text would not be good for sensitive stuff”.
“If I thought it was going to be that personal I would say one on one [interviewing] is better”.
Incentives “I think you would have to put it out there in the beginning that it is a quarter, but I would do it [answer the text survey]”.
   “I would do it for nothing if it’s going to help people in the long run with their insurance because I don’t have none [insurance]”.