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Table 1 Focus group content areas with sample questions

From: Text messaging as a community-based survey tool: a pilot study

General questions Tell me about your experiences these past 3 weeks answering text message survey questions. Do you think most people would be willing to answer questions through text messaging?
Timing and frequency How do you feel about the number of texts you are getting each day? What number would be “just right”? What is the best time of day and day of the week to send you text message survey questions?
Technical issues Tell me about your experiences receiving and sending text messages on your cell phone as part of the study. Does the type of phone you have or service you have affect your participation?
Text message surveys compared to other modes How do you feel about answering survey questions on your cell phone versus other ways you have participated in surveys (on the phone, on paper, in person)?
Types of information and questions What types of information would text message surveys be best at gathering? What kinds of questions would people be more willing to answer by text message?
Incentives Tell me about the types (or amount) of incentives that would encourage or discourage you to respond to text questions?