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Table 4 Epidemiology of acute gastrointestinal illness a under the standard case definition

From: Estimating the burden of acute gastrointestinal illness in the community in Gansu Province, northwest China, 2012–2013

Incidence per person-year (95% CI) 1.16 (1.14–1.18)
Incidence per person-year in males 1.17
Incidence per person-year in females 1.14
Mean age of cases (years) 39.49
Mean duration of illness (days) 2.48
Cases with bloody diarrhoea (%) 0.96
Cases who sought medical care (%) 73.84
Cases submitting a stool sample for testing (%) 37.28
Cases with respiratory symptoms (%) 9.60
Cases with symptoms still ongoing at time of at interview (%) 8.65
  1. CI, Confidence interval.
  2. aAcute gastrointestinal illness was defined as diarrhoea of ≥ 3 loose stools or any vomiting in a 24-hour period.