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Figure 1

From: The effect of smoking on the duration of life with and without disability, Belgium 1997–2011

Figure 1

Decomposition by age of the difference between ex- and current smokers with never smokers in Disability Free Life Expectancy (DFLE 30 ), Disability Life Expectancy (DLE 30 ) at age 30 and type of effect (mortality or disability), Health Interview Survey 1997 and 2001 and follow-up until respectively 31/12/2007 and 31/12/2010, Belgium. Legend: Panels a-d: DFLE (a: Male Ex-smoker; b: Female Ex-smoker; c: Male Smoker; d: Female Smoker). Panels e-h: DLE (e: Male Ex-smoker; f: Female Ex-smoker; g: Male Smoker; h: Female Smoker). Black bar: difference DFLE or DLE with never smokers. Green bar: mortality effect. Red bar: disability effect. E.g. black bar in panel a: DFLE among males Ex-smokers minus DFLE among males never smokers; black bar in panel h: DLE among females Ex-smokers minus DLE among females never smokers.

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