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Table 6 Lesson strengths and areas for improvement

From: Test implementation of a school-oriented drug prevention program “Study without Drugs”: pre- and post-testing for effectiveness

Strengths Areas for improvement
Biology 1 Biology 1
Pictures are good; clearly show effects of alcohol and tobacco use and that pupils must distinguish between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the introduction Putting up pictures takes time; many minutes get lost that way—perhaps a slide show
Physical education Physical education
When dealing with several forms of drugs and narcotics, you could see that the pupils were shocked by the effects of drugs on the body Have a short talk beforehand to prepare the pupils for the images
Dutch 1 Dutch 1
Presentation of the slogans by the pupils; this way they could express their creativity Working together could be better
Drawing Drawing
Every pupil was motivated Executing the assignment takes time and there was too little time
Good collaboration Not every member of the 5-member group was active
They were satisfied with the result  
Dutch 2 Dutch 2
Good focus on competition; incites them to take action to win A prize at the end would be nice for the pupils
Thanks to the game the pupils remember the information better and can apply it  
Social studies Social studies
Well-executed play in class 2A Not all pupils watched the film with their full attention
Good participation when thinking up causes and effects  
Dutch 3 Dutch 3
Realistic portrayal of the swallowing of drugs and drug smuggling Dutch subtitles preferable to English subtitles and translation without subtitles would be better
Clear information presented about effects