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Table 1 Specific rheumatic fever surveillance improvements identified by the surveillance sector review

From: Improving rheumatic fever surveillance in New Zealand: results of a surveillance sector review

High priority recommendations Medium priority recommendations
• Develop a comprehensive RF surveillance strategy to provide sector leadership and coordination • Establish systematic surveillance for GAS pharyngitis to characterise the epidemiology and microbiology of this condition
• Establish integrated national analysis and regular reporting of RF surveillance data including epidemiological, laboratory and intervention data • Implement periodic surveys investigating how primary care clinicians manage pharyngitis cases
• Implement a national RF register with the capacity to support effective case management and strategy-focused surveillance • Implement periodic surveys to measure public response to RF messages
• Review the RF surveillance case definition and clarify inclusion of RHD cases in young people • Integrate regular analysis of RHD incidence and mortality data into comprehensive RF surveillance reporting
• Expand the range of determinant, risk factor and protective factor data collected on RF cases • Develop an evidence-based national strategy for echocardiography screening for RHD
• Establish systematic national reporting on coverage and outcomes of throat swabbing clinics