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Table 4 Factor analysis after rotation (sorted by size) for the lunchtime physical environmental/policy subscale, rotated component matrix (n = 189)

From: Development and psychometric properties of the Y-PASS questionnaire to assess correlates of lunchtime and after-school physical activity in children

Item Factor
  Access to facilities/equipment Physical environmental/policy barriers Access to space
There are lots of shaded areas where I can be active even if it is really hot. 0.70   
There are indoor spaces where I can be active if it is raining. 0.70   
There is enough equipment available for me to play with at lunchtime. 0.65   
It is hard to be active in our school uniform at lunchtime.   0.67  
The oval is too dry and hard to play on.   0.67  
Some school rules keep me from doing the activities I like at lunchtime.   0.58  
There is enough space in the school yard for me to be active at lunchtime.    0.84
There is enough grass in the school yard to be active at lunchtime.    0.58
There are too many kids in the playground for me to be active at lunchtime.    0.53
Eigenvalue 1.92 1.78 1.58
% variance explained 19.2 17.8 15.8
Cronbach alpha a 0.61 0.55 0.50
Total % variance explained    52.8
Total subscale Cronbach alpha a    0.74
  1. Notes: Extraction method: Principal Component Analysis; Rotation Method: Varimax with Kaiser Normalisation; aAn acceptable Cronbach alpha is ≥0.6 [8, 57].