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Table 5 Ten most frequent active ingredients reported as used, stored and associated with poisoning among coffee and vegetable farmers in Arumeru district

From: Farmers' knowledge, practices and injuries associated with pesticide exposure in rural farming villages in Tanzania

(a) Used (b) Stored (c) Associated with poisoning
Endosulfan Endosulfan Endosulfan
Lambda cyhalothrin Lambda cyhalothrin Lambda cyhalothrin
Chlorpyrifos Chlorpyrifos Chlorpyrifos
Mancozeb Mancozeb Mancozeb
Cypermethrin Cypermethrin Cypermethrin
Profenofos Profenofos Profenofos
Abamectin Abamectin Abamectin
Copper fungicide Copper fungicide Malathion
Triadimefon Amitraz Triadimenol
Propineb Chlorothalonil Chlorothalonil
  1. The products are not listed in order of descending frequency.