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Table 2 Multivariable odds ratios for the association between risk factors and reporting never having tried to quit smoking

From: Characteristics of smokers who have never tried to quit: evidence from the British Opinions and Lifestyle Survey

Variable  Adjusted OR (95% CI) Wald p-value
How good is your health?
Fair/bad/very bad 1.00 0.027
Good/very good 1.59 (1.05-2.41)
How much do you want to quit?
Very much indeed 1.00 <0.001
Quite a lot 2.25 (1.15-4.40)
A Fair amount 3.16 (1.56-6.40)
A little 3.31 (1.49-7.36)
Don’t want to quit 6.97 (3.77-12.87)
During the last year has a family member, friend or colleague been trying to get you to quit smoking?
Yes 1.00 0.017
No 1.57 (1.09-2.28)
In the last 5 years have you been given advice on smoking by a health professional and did you find it helpful?
Yes, I had a helpful discussion 1.00 0.003
Yes, I was given something helpful to take away and read 1.26 (0.46-3.41)
Yes, I had a discussion but didn’t find it useful 2.59 (1.42-4.71)
Yes, I was given something to take away and read but didn’t find it useful 2.10 (0.98-4.51)
No, I didn’t receive any advice 2.69 (1.60-4.52)
  1. OR = odds ratio, 95% CI = 95% confidence interval; ORs are mutually adjusted for the other variables included in the table.