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Table 3 Content of the six group sessions in the Face-to-Face group intervention

From: The effectiveness and applicability of different lifestyle interventions for enhancing wellbeing: the study design for a randomized controlled trial for persons with metabolic syndrome risk factors and psychological distress

Topic of the group session Content Key point of the session
My life here and now Values: one exercise How I use my time in my current life?
Mindfulness: one exercise Contact with the present moment.
Values and mindful living Values: three exercises How mindfulness-skills can improve wellbeing?
Mindfulness: one exercise What are the most important values for me?
  Mindful eating: one exercise Am I living according to my values?
Value-based actions and barriers Action: one exercise What are my specific goals and actions that support my valued behavior?
Mindfulness: one exercise My subjective barriers or reasons connected to healthy eating or physical activity.
Observation: three exercises  
The observing self and acceptance Observation: one exercise Observing thoughts without being caught up in them (defusion).
Acceptance: three exercises Making room for unpleasant feelings, sensations, urges, and other private experiences; allowing them to come and go without struggling with them.
Relaxation: one exercise Can you accept yourself as you are?
Mindful eating Mindfulness: one exercise Exercising mindful eating.
Mindful eating: three exercises What is my typical meal rhythm?
Summary and reflection Observation: one exercise What have I learned?
Values: one exercise How to continue with lifestyle changes?
Acceptance: one exercise