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Table 2 Content of the four paths in the mobile intervention

From: The effectiveness and applicability of different lifestyle interventions for enhancing wellbeing: the study design for a randomized controlled trial for persons with metabolic syndrome risk factors and psychological distress

Topic of the path Content Key points
Mindful mind Five mindfulness exercises Contact with the present moment.
  Focusing fully on one’s inner or outer experiences.
  Acting mindfully.
Wise mind Observation: six exercises Observing thoughts without being caught up in them.
Acceptance: four exercises Making room for unpleasant feelings, sensations, urges, and other private experiences; allowing them to come and go without struggling with them.
Values Values: seven exercises How I use my time in my current life?
  How mindfulness-skills can improve wellbeing?
  What are the most important values for me?
  Am I living according to my values?
Value based actions: seven exercises What are my specific goals and actions that support my valued behavior?
Healthy body Relaxation: six exercises Relaxing and listening to my body.
Mindful eating: six exercises Exercising mindful eating. What is my typical meal rhythm?
Physical activity: five exercises Everyday physical activity in small steps.
Eleven gymnastic video clips