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Table 3 Examples of trial-specific group-text messages in English

From: Efficacy of a text messaging (SMS) based intervention for adults with hypertension: protocol for the StAR (SMS Text-message Adherence suppoRt trial) randomised controlled trial

• Welcome SMS-text message Welcome to StAR* thank you for participating. The trial cell is 0XXXXXX120 (save on phone). We will never ask for personal or banking details. Dr[NAME](StAR*@VAN)
• Trial specific SMS-texts Pls remember your participation in StAR* is voluntary. Call, text, or send plz cal 0XXXXXX372 (its free) if you need to withdraw. Thnx Dr [NAME] (StAR*@VAN)
  Pls remember participating in StAR is free. We do not charge you for the SMS-texts we send to you. Thnx Dr [NAME] (StAR@VAN)
• Birthday SMS-text Hi [NAME]. Happy birthday, have a great day. Thnx [NAMES](Health Team & StAR*@VAN)