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Table 5 Thematic table indicating Health care workers attitudes on IMCI approach

From: Factors influencing the implementation of integrated management of childhood illness (IMCI) by healthcare workers at public health centers & dispensaries in Mwanza, Tanzania

Theme Responses Frequency
Attitudes and health care workers opinion on IMCI approach. • IMCI is very helpful since it can make health care workers to classify illness and treat the child even without laboratory investigations or sophisticated equipment’s. 39 (13%)
• IMCI guidelines, booklets are very good if health care workers refer to when classifying illnesses then it can easily manage common childhood illnesses. 35 (12%)
• Essential drugs (ACT for Malaria and Antibiotics) recommended in the guidelines are not always available so making the following of the guidelines difficult. 21 (8%)
• There is need to have more IMCI refresher courses and on site mentoring. 32 (11%)
• Need to have many guidelines and chart booklets for everyone so that they can refer to anytime they need. 60 (21%)
• The health facilities in-charges and all the health care workers need to be educated on IMCI approach for all to have a common understanding. 15 (5%)
• There is need to review and update the IMCI guidelines in line with the latest recommended drugs especially for malaria and pneumonia to be in line with changes in other guidelines produced by MOHSW (especially the one on malaria). 23 (8%)
• There is need to increase the number of health care workers since workload is too much and therefore they tend to follow shortcut/not follow IMCI guidelines as it is recommended. 26 (9%)
• IMCI guidelines need to be summarized more since it has a lot of explanations and details making it difficult to follow. It can be designed to be similar to the one of Syndromic Management of STI which seems to be more user-friendly. 20 (8%)
• Cotrimoxazole out of experience does not work in treatment of pneumonia. It seems pneumonia infection have become more resistant to Cotrimoxazole. 5 (2%)
TOTAL   276 (100%)