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Table 1 Design scheme

From: Active video games as a tool to prevent excessive weight gain in adolescents: rationale, design and methods of a randomized controlled trial

  Measure moment
Measures T0 T 1m T 4m T 10m
(Weight, height, waist and hip circumference, skinfolds) x   x x
Time spent active and non-active gaming x x x x
Physical activity and sedentary screen time x x x x
Consumption of snacks and sugar sweetened beverages x x x x
Companions for active/non-active gaming     x
Game consoles and applications owned x x x x
Process evaluation (only in intervention group)     
1) Adherence to the intervention     
Usage of Move games   x x x
Reasons for not playing (the minimal of one hour per week)   x x x
2) Opinion of the Move games and the intervention     
Enjoyment with respect to playing the Move games   x x x
Most played Move game   x x x
Most enjoying Move game   x x x
Ease of use   x x x
Perceived competence   x x x
Perceived physical exertion of playing Move games     x
Opinion on the amount of provided Move games     x
Self purchased Move game     x
3) Game context     
Move game companions     x
Location of PlayStation Move console     x
4) Potential adverse effects (occurrence of injuries because of playing with the Move games)     x
5) Activity replacement    x x
6) Intention to continue playing the Move games     x
  1. T 0 , Baseline measurement; T 1m , Measurement one month after baseline; T 4m , Measurement four months after baseline; T 10m , Measurement ten months after baseline.