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Table 2 Health education interventions for injury

From: Health belief model based evaluation of school health education programme for injury prevention among high school students in the community context

Level Interventions
Community ▪ Three traffic safety lectures provided by police department.
▪ Two fire safety education seminars provided by fire department.
▪ Community fire drill (fire safety and escape skill) during summer holidays.
▪ Lectures on safe community.
▪ One first-aid skills training session.
▪ Traffic safety and legal education seminars organized by community committees.
▪ One sports injury prevention seminar organized by community committees.
▪ One military and explosion show.
▪ One food safety education seminar organized by community committees.
School ▪ Improved school safety environment (sports equipment updating and anti- slip measures strengthening).
▪ Safety education courses focusing on safety behavior and injury prevention.
▪ Regular injury prevention training for teachers.
Family ▪ Pamphlets and leaflets about injury prevention distributed to household regularly.