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Table 1 Inclusion/exclusion criteria for women participating in WalkMore

From: WalkMore: a randomized controlled trial of pedometer-based interventions differing on intensity messages

Inclusion criteria
Age 45-74 years
Post-menopausal status Self-reporting at least 12 months since last menses
Mobility Reporting physically capable of exercise (yes/no)
Physically inactive Self-reported exercise behavior (yes/no)
Objectively determined sedentary Average ≤5,000 steps/day during screening
Overweight/obese Objectively verified BMI 25 – 45 kg/m2 OR waist circumference >88 cm [29]
Informed consent The capability and willingness to give written informed consent, to understand exclusion criteria, and to accept the randomized group assignment are required.
Blood pressure Systolic values of 130-179 mmHg or diastolic pressure values of 85-99 mmHg. Participants taking blood pressure lowering medication and meeting the above criteria are still eligible.
Exclusion criteria
Significant cardiovascular disease or disorders Including but not limited to arrhythmias, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure, stroke or transient ischemic cerebral attacks, peripheral vascular disease with intermittent claudication, acute, chronic or recurrent thrombophlebitis
Other significant medical conditions Including but not limited to diabetes, chronic or recurrent respiratory, gastrointestinal, neuromuscular, neurological, or psychiatric conditions. Musculoskeletal problems interfering with exercise. Immunodeficiency diseases or a positive HIV test. Malignancies in the past 5 years, with the exception of skin cancer therapeutically controlled. Any other medical condition or disease that is life-threatening or that can interfere with or be aggravated by exercise
Recent blood donation Blood donation during the 6 weeks before the baseline evaluation (participants also will be asked to refrain from blood donation during study)
Large weight loss 20 or more kilograms in the past year
Other exclusions Hospitalization for mental illness within the past 5 years.
Plans to be out of the city more than 3 weeks over the next 3 months.