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Table 3 Linear regression modelling analysis of WHO-5 and SF-36 mental health (MH) scores, younger migrant workers versus older migrant workers (N = 914)

From: Mental wellbeing amongst younger and older migrant workers in comparison to their urban counterparts in Guangzhou city, China: a cross-sectional study

  Unadjusted model Adjusted modela
β (95% CI)b p β (95% CI)b p
WHO-5 0.87 (0.16, 1.57) 0.02 0.79 (-0.08, 1.65) 0.07
SF-36 MH 4.62 (2.64, 6.60) <0.001 3.31 (0.80, 5.83) 0.010
  1. a Adjusted for sex, educational qualification, marital status, job, working hours and days, income, income satisfaction, insurance coverage, SSRS support score, length of stay in Guangzhou, and reasons of migration.
  2. b β indicates the mean difference in scores between younger and older migrants, with a positive value indicating higher scores or better mental health in older migrants than younger migrants and a negative value indicating the reverse.