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Table 4 Resources needed to improve MFI preparedness and response (N = 120)

From: Mass fatality preparedness among medical examiners/coroners in the United States: a cross-sectional study

Additional training of staff 89 (74.2)
Greater surge capacity (identification of additional staff, supplies, space) 78 (65.0)
Additional funding for mass fatality planning 77 (64.2)
Additional mass fatality planning activities 71 (59.2)
Additional drills with other response partners 70 (58.3)
Signed interagency agreements 51 (42.5)
Other (e.g., better communications, CBRNE trainings, better coordination, etc.) 19 (15.8)
A written mass fatality plan 15 (12.5)
ME/C office does not need any additional resources to be better prepared 5 (4.2)
  1. aData shown represent individuals who endorsed each item on the checklist.