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Table 6 Participant (IPB + & IPB only) comments on the IPB

From: Implementing an Injury Prevention Briefing to aid delivery of key fire safety messages in UK children’s centres: qualitative study nested within a multi-centre randomised controlled trial

IPB + ‘I think it’s the materials … have been really helpful… they are easy to use and … to understand … they’re usable across different groups of parents like … teenage parents and with older parents. They were understandable and clear they get the message really pretty clearly.’ (Site B: IPB+)
 ‘I think the value of the material is that it’s fairly straightforward to use it’s all there together, bound in a book … we would not have been delivering anything around fire safety … without having an accessible tool like this.’ (Site C: IPB+)
 ‘We used the IPB and we had the fire safety little booklet as well so we had a lot of information, and so we came across as we knew what we were talking about.’ (Site B: IPB+)
IPB only ‘The fact that the activity was there and there was … a session outline … how you could do this… so when you have got somebody who is … carrying two workloads … that kind of helped with the planning.’ (Site B: IPB only)
 ‘For us there was one …outstanding piece of work really that came from it …there was a real safety issue that was flagged up with one of the parents …she’d mentioned several things about wires being openly exposed in the walls … the fire station officers… made an appointment to go out that afternoon … and to put everything right for her.’ (Site A: IPB only)
 ‘I had a parent just last week … who had been to one… with the fire engine … she had someone come and check her house last week and you know they’ve done a safety plan.’ (Site D: IPB only)