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Table 1 Summary of follow-up of cases

From: Controlling congenital and paediatric chagas disease through a community health approach with active surveillance and promotion of paediatric awareness

  N %
Pregnant women with unknown follow-up 42  
Miscarriages/stillbirths 3/42 7%
Left country before birth 4/42 10%
Newborns to follow-up 35/42 83%
Recovered newborns 31/35 89%
Infants controlled at 9m-old by paediatricians at hospitals 12/31 39%
Infants needed for foolow-up in Primary Health Centres 19/31 61%
Infants without correct follow-up in Primary Health Centres 14/19 74%
Controlled newborns 29/31 94%
Positive T. cruzi newborns 2/29 6.9%
  1. (Source: Informe annual 2010 - Vigilància epidemiològica del protocol de cribratge I diagnòstic de la malaltia de Chagas en dones embarassades llatinoamericanes i els seus nadons. Agència de Salut Pública de Catalunya. Generalitat de Catalunya, 2010).