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Table 2 Mapping of existing and planned policy actions within 30 European countries

From: Smorgasbord or symphony? Assessing public health nutrition policies across 30 European countries using a novel framework

  Price Product Place Promotion
Country Legislation/Regulation Taxation Subsidiesa Reformulation (V/M) Schools Workplace Other settings Labelling (V/M) Guidelinesb Advertising controls to children (V/M) Campaigns
Austria X X V/M X V V/M
Belgium X X V/M X V M
Bulgaria X X V/M M X X X X
Cyprus X X X V X X V
Czech Republic X X X V X X X V V
Denmark X V/M V V V V M
Estonia X X V M V X V V
Finland X V/M M M X M V
France X X V X M V
Germany X X X V V V
Greece X X V M X X V
Hungary X V/M X V V/M
Iceland X X V X X X M M
Ireland X X X V X V M
Italy X X X V x x X V
Latvia X X M M X M X M
Lithuania X X X M M X V/M M
Luxembourg X X X O X O  
Malta X X X V M X O O
Netherlands X X X V/M X X M M
Norway X X X X X V M  
Poland X X X V X X V X
Portugal X V/M X V V
Romania X X V/M M X X V V
Slovakia   X V/M X X V V
Slovenia X O V/M M X V V/M
Spain X X X V X M V
Sweden X X V M X V M
Switzerland X X M X X X O   
  1. Data current to end of February 2013.
  2. Notes for Table 2. aThis table does not include information about the EU School Fruit/Milk Schemes or school food subsidies and vending machines in schools. bThis includes Food Based Dietary Guidelines as well as other guidelines e.g. Guidelines for healthy nutrition in primary schools or hospitals.
  3.  = Yes.
  4. X = No.
  5. O = Unclear.
  6. V = Voluntary.
  7. M = Mandatory.
  8. V/M = Both (e.g. Mandatory for salt, voluntary for saturated fat).