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Table 2 AGREE II scores for guidelines

From: Preventing malaria in international travellers: an evaluation of published English-language guidelines

AGREE II domain Canada Hong Kong UK USA WHO
Domain 1: Scope and purpose1 14% 72% 92% 44% 50%
Domain 2: Stakeholder involvement2 17% 33% 58% 39% 53%
Domain 3: Rigour of development3 20% 9% 14% 22% 12%
Domain 4: Clarity of presentation4 72% 61% 53% 47% 50%
Domain 5: Applicability5 4% 4% 13% 13% 4%
Domain 6: Editorial independence6 0% 0% 0% 50% 0%
  1. 1Scope and purpose concerns the overall aim of the guideline, the scope of the questions, and the target audience.
  2. 2Stakeholder involvement looks at the extent to which the guideline development process included the views of all appropriate stakeholders, including the intended users of the guideline and those affected by the recommendations.
  3. 3Rigour of development examines the process used to search for, synthesize, and appraise evidence, formulate recommendations, and keep them updated.
  4. 4Clarity of presentation concerns the general language, structure, and format of the guideline.
  5. 5Applicability requires adequate consideration of the likely barriers and facilitators to implementation, including resource considerations, and advice or tools to improve uptake and implementation.
  6. 6Editorial independence concerns the adequate declaration and management of potential conflicts of interest related to the funding body or the guideline group members.