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Table 1 Weight management intervention session topics

From: Childhood obesity management shifting from health care system to school system: intervention study of school-based weight management programme

Session Topics Session conducted by
1 Goal setting and introduction of serve sizes Nutritionist/dietician
2 Exercise and energy expenditure, sport safety Physiotherapy
3 Supervised physical activity session I* School PE teachers
4 Body image and self esteem School teacher
5 Energy balance and smart tips for weight control Nutritionist/dietician
6 Supervised physical activitysession II* School PE teachers
7 Healthy snack Nutritionist/dietician
8 Label reading Nutritionist/dietician
9 Supervised physical activity session III* School PE teachers
10 Smart dinning out Nutritionist/dietician
11 Supervised physical activity session IV* School PE teachers
  1. *Fun-based physical activity session, lesson plans were designed by school physical education (PE) teachers with guidance from the project physiotherapist.