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Table 1 Examples of the four types of Get Healthy, Stay Healthy text messages

From: ‘Get Healthy, Stay Healthy’: protocol for evaluation of a lifestyle intervention delivered by text-message following the Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service®

Text message type Behaviour change strategies targeted Example text messages Minimum frequency
Self-monitoring of weight Self-regulation; Satisfaction with perceived outcomes Take time today 2 weigh yourself Bob. It will help u c how ur tracking to lose another 2 kg & make u think about ur diet & exercise. Jenny 1 per fortnight
Goal check of behavioural goals Self-regulation; Satisfaction with perceived outcomes Hi Bob. Did u reach ur exercise goal 2 walk 30 mins x 4 times this week? Text me back yes or no so I know how ur going. Jenny 1 per fortnight for each behavioural goal
  Self-regulation; Outcome expectancy; Satisfaction with perceived outcomes; Self efficacy; Social Support Congratulations on reaching ur weekly goal Bob. U need 2 reward ur efforts. Ur reward was 2 catch up with friends. Jenny Only sent if participant responds to goal check
Prompting behavioural cues Self-regulation; Perceived environmental opportunity; Self efficacy; Social Support Bob u planned 2 walk today after work. Try putting ur exercise clothes on as soon as u get home & dont change until u have been 4 ur walk. Jenny Optional (maximum 4 per fortnight)
   I know breakfast is hard 4 u 2 fit in. Set ur alarm 10 mins earlier or find a nutritious option 2 eat on the run. Bob this is important 4 ur health. Jenny  
Goal re-set Self-regulation Its important 2 re-set ur weight goal Bob. U currently want 2 lose another 2 kg. If u have a new goal 4 the next 6 weeks, reply & let me know. Jenny Once in Week 6 and 18