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Table 2 Association between oral health parameters and microbial richness measured as number of genera per sample

From: The association between the upper digestive tract microbiota by HOMIM and oral health in a population-based study in Linxian, China

  Coefficient p value
Dental health   
Teeth missinga -0.093 ± 0.068 0.175
Tooth decayb -0.066 ± 0.021 0.008
DMFTc -0.138 ± 0.060 0.022
Presence of teethd 0.025 ± 0.018h 0.175h
Periodontal health   
BoPe 0.005 ± 0.002 0.015
ALf 0.003 ± 0.002 0.110
Periodontitisg 0.020 ± 0.015h 0.162h
  1. aNumber of permanent teeth missing.
  2. btotal surfaces with coronal decay.
  3. cDMFT score (decayed, missing, and filled teeth) based on teeth excluding third molars.
  4. dCompare the number of genera in subjects with and without complete loss of teeth.
  5. eBleeding of probe extent score, percent of probed sites with bleeding.
  6. fLoss of attachment extent score, percent of probed sites with loss of attachment > =3 mm.
  7. gComparing those with and without periodontitis by the periodontitis summary estimate (logistic model).
  8. hCoefficient and p value based on adjusted logistic regression model.
  9. All linear and logistic models adjusted for age, gender, smoking status, antibiotic use in the last 3 months and sampling device type.
  10. Bolded if P value is less than 0.05.