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Table 5 Construct Validity of the CUBEST a : rotated component matrix using factor analysis

From: Objective assessment of urban built environment related to physical activity — development, reliability and validity of the China Urban Built Environment Scan Tool (CUBEST)

  Residential Density Street Connectivity Accessibility Sidewalk quality Bike lane quality Aesthetics
Residential Densityb 0.893      
Number of Intersections   0.741     
Presence of bus or other transit stops   0.475    0.542  
Commercial destinationsb   0.583     
Physical activity destinationsb    0.703    
Parking lot or parking garage    −0.417    
Railroad, bridge, tunnel, or highway    0.565    
Presence of sidewalks     0.558   
Sidewalk width     0.556   
Evenness and sidewalks maintenance       0.781
Obstructions on sidewalks     0.498   0.481
Signs of “Avoid Pedestrians”/“Slow Down”     −0.568   
Presence of bike lanes      0.911  
Presence of speed limit signs on motor vehicle lanes      −0.509  
Street design characteristics to reduce volume or speed   0.558    0.566  
Crossing aids for pedestrians and bicyclists to cross the street safely   0.602    0.588  
Cars running or parked on bike lanes      −0.832  
Cycling or walking against the flow of traffic on bike lanes      −0.841  
Cultural features in the neighborhood   0.418 0.576    
Natural sights in the neighborhood    0.791    
Cigar butts or discarded cigarette       0.733
Garbage, litter, or broken glass       0.765
Graffiti on the buildings, signs or walls     −0.492   0.455
  1. aAfter suppressing small coefficients (absolute value below 0.40).
  2. bUsing total score or summary score to represent original items.