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Archived Comments for: Target prioritization and strategy selection for active case-finding of pulmonary tuberculosis: a tool to support country-level project planning

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  1. Upgraded web-based prioritization tool for TB screening based on the WHO guidelines

    Nobuyuki Nishikiori, WHO Western Pacific Regional Office

    17 November 2014

    Since the publication of this paper, much experience has been gained in TB screening in many parts of the world.

    Through an extensive evidence review process, the WHO guidelines on TB screening have been published (Systematic screening for active tuberculosis: principles and recommendations,  

    Taking into account the principles and guidance on risk group prioritization and diagnostic algorithms described in the WHO guidelines, the author has upgraded the web-based prioritization tool for TB screening on a new platform.

    Public health practitioners and researchers who are interested in this paper are strongly encouraged to read through the WHO guidelines and explore the web-based tool for country-level planning and risk group prioritisation.

    The tool is accessible at:


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