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Table 2 The process of the analysis, moving from the text (meaning unit) to codes, subthemes, and themes

From: ‘Girls need to strengthen each other as a group’: experiences from a gender-sensitive stress management intervention by youth-friendly Swedish health services – a qualitative study

Meaning units Codes Subthemes Themes
I have learnt of many good ideas and so on, and also talked with others Recognising oneself in other girls   Finding a social oasis to challenge gendered expectations
   Being confirmed in a non-judging and supportive atmosphere  
  Not being alone   
Before, I only focused on just one thing, but now I have been able to see that, yes, but perhaps it is this and this too, and then it’s somehow easier to deal with it It is not my fault   
  Seeing causes and connections Making space for reflections on gender and stress  
It’s like a fear of failure and not being good enough, which is very typical for many girls Feeling pressures and inequalities (as girls)   
  Reduced symptoms   Being bodily empowered
I listen more to how my body feels. My body reacts directly if it becomes difficult Listening and understanding bodily signals Approaching the problematic body  
I have a better relationship to my body now Feeling trust and being conscious of the body Finding breathing space  
It is, as you are stopping, a very concrete stop and like really relax on the floor and try to drop all these thoughts Time for silence and reflection Upgrading oneself and one’s abilities  
  Valuing oneself   
Like, you have come to realise that everyone else is not better Thinking more positively   
I have stopped seeing problems that do not exist Slowing down the pace and prioritising needs Switching pace in life  
I have more energy to do more things, but at the same time I have not quite that many things to do any longer Releasing energy and decreasing demands   Altering gendered positions and stance to life
It’s really important to stay away from all that and try not to compete. You cannot be coolest, not be prettiest, or never be the best at everything Managing and resisting (social/gendered) expectations Setting limits and resisting outer pressure