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Table 2 Timing and Type of measurement in START Canada and India

From: Rationale and design of South Asian Birth Cohort (START): a Canada-India collaborative study

Measures Antenatal Visit (m) Birth (m, b) First Year (m, b) 12 Month (m, b) 24 Month (m, b) 36 Month (m, f, b)
  T1 T2 T3   3 mth 6 mth 9 mth    
Age I C         
Expected Delivery Date I C         
Medical and Obstetric History           
Gravida I C   C (m)       
Current gestational diabetes I C         
Current increased blood pressure I C         
Increased cholesterol I C         
Other Major Medical conditions Checklist I C         
Family History I C         
Medications Used I C         
Past Pregnancy History           
Live Births I C         
Still Births I C         
Abortions (therapeutic and spontaneous) I C         
Past Gestational diabetes I C         
Pre-Eclampsia I I/C         
Multivitamin Use I I/C         
Social Determinants           
Self-reported Ethnicity - for self, parents and grandparents I          
Mother tongue I C         
Religious denomination I C         
Years in Canada   C         
Place Immigrated from I C         
Place of Birth I C         
Annual Household Income I C         
Occupation I C         
Marital Status I C         
Education I C         
Social Support I C       I/C (m)   
Social Status-McCarthur         I/C   
Acculturation         C (m)   
Alcohol and tobacco use   C         
Maternal Depression   I/C     (m)   I/C (m)   
Intimate Partner Violence         C(m)   
Home Environment and Parenting         I/C (m)   
Infant Temperament         I/C I/C I/C
Sleep Patterns      C C   I/C   
FFQ   I (mf)/C (m)   I (b)     I/C (m)   I/C (m)
24 Hour recall I (m) I I(m)   I I (m) I I/C (m)   I/C (mother for baby)
Infant Feeding questions     I I/C I/C   I/C   I/C
Physical Activity I I/C I      I/C (m) C (m) I/C (m)
Anthropometric measures           
Blood Pressure I I/C I I/C (b)     I/C I/C I/C
Height/Length I I/C I I/C (b) I/C (b)   I I/C   I/C
Weight I I/C I I/C (b) I/C (b) I/C (b)1 I I/C I/C I/C
Waist and Hip Circumference I I/C I      I/C I/C I/C
Skin Folds I I/C I I/C (b) I   I I/C (b) I/C (b) I/C (b, m)
Head circumference     I/C (b) I/C I/C I I/C (b)   I/C (b)
Chest, mid upper arm Circumference     I/C (b) I I I I/C (b)   I/C (b)
Fetal Ultrasound   I/C (m) I/C (m) I (b)     I (b) I (b) I (b)
DLW         I I  
BIA           I/C (b)
Blood Specimens           
Hemoglobin I (m) C (m)   I/C (b)     I/C (m)   I/C (m, f)
Fasting Glucose   I/C (m) I I/C (b)     I/C (b) I/C (b) I/C (b)
75 g OGTT   I/C (m)         
Insulin   I/C (m) I I/C (b)     I/C (b) I/C (b) I/C (b)
Lipids   I/C (m) I I/C (b)     I/C   I/C
ALT   I/C (m)         
Micronutrients (B12 Folate)   I/C I        
DNA/long term Storage (urine sample)     I/C (m)       
Birth Visit     I/C (m)       
Type of Delivery     I/C (m)       
Pregnancy weight gain     I/C (m)       
Duration of Labour     I/C (m)       
Low Birth Weight     I/C (b)       
Premature Delivery     I/C (b)       
Premature Labour     I/C (m)       
Blood Loss     I/C (m)       
Epidural     I/C (b)       
Birth Weight     I/C (b)       
APGAR scores (1 min & 5 min)     I/C (b)       
Vitamin K Given     I/C (b)       
Adverse outcomes     I/C       
Placenta     I/C       
Cord Blood     I/C (b)       
  1. Legend: I India, C Canada, b baby, m mother.