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Table 1 Characteristics of nutritional supplements sales websites included in the study

From: Nutritional supplements for diabetes sold on the internet: business or health promotion?

Company URL* Website location Nutritional supplement Health Professional contact suggested FDA disclaimer† Scientific references Testimonials
Type II Free USA-New York Glucocin No No No No
Xtendlife USA-Georgia Diabet-Eze Yes No‡ Yes Yes
ADW American Diabetes wholesale USA-Florida Diachieve Sugar Defense No No Yes Yes
Green Turtle Bay Vitamin Company USA-Winsconsin Diabetiks Yes Yes No Yes
Native Remedies USA-Texas Insulate Plus No No Yes Yes
Heart, Diabetes & Weight Loss USA-Texas AGE Essential Defence No No No No
NutriVera Naturals USA-Minnesota Alpha Betic Yes Yes No No
Optimum Diabetics USA-Texas Optimum Diabetics Yes Yes No Yes
Get Healthy Again USA-Florida Custom Elixir D No No No No
Nutrient Synergy, Inc. USA-Florida Nepretin Yes No§ No Yes
  1. *latest access on 20th April 2012 †FDA disclaimer: “This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease” ‡the statement that the product is not a diabetes medication replacement is contained in the FAQ section. §the statement was not complete.