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Table 4 Outcomes of HIV status disclosure among HIV Positive pregnant women

From: Disclosure experience to partner and its effect on intention to utilize prevention of mother to child transmission service among HIV positive pregnant women attending antenatal care in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Variable Number (%)
Partner’s reaction to HIV status disclosure
(n = 78) 42(53.0)
   “Supportive” 7(9.0)
   “Annoyed” 2(2.6)
   “Yelled at me” 10(12.8)
   “Worried about his own HIV status” 7(9.0)
   “Blamed me to infect him” 2(2.6)
   “Talked about divorcing me” 1(1.3)
   “Don‘t know” 7(9.0)
   No response  
Feeling of respondents after disclosure of HIV positive status: (n = 78)
   “Worried” 12(15.4)
   “Felt free” 44(56.4)
   “Felt lighter” 19(24.4)
   “Felt abandoned” 3(3.8)