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Table 3 Multivariate association between club alcohol management practices and characteristics and at-risk alcohol consumption by club members

From: Alcohol consumption and sport: a cross-sectional study of alcohol management practices associated with at-risk alcohol consumption at community football clubs

Variable Adjusted odds ratio (95% CI)* p value
Service of alcohol to intoxicated people   p=0.0074
  No Referent  
  Yes 2.23 (1.26–3.93)  
Happy hour promotions   p<0.0001
  No Referent  
  Yes 2.84 (1.84–4.38)  
Alcohol.only awards or prizes   p=0.0084
  No referent  
  Yes 1.80 (1.16–2.80)  
Football code   p=0.0004
  Australian Rules referent  
  Soccer/association football 1.25 (0.70–2.24)  
  Rugby League 1.95 (1.10–3.46)  
  Rugby Union 2.64 (1.60–4.37)  
Number of players   p=0.0393
  150 or more referent  
  Less than 150 1.45 (1.02–2.05)  
  1. * Adjusted for clustering of members at the same club.