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Table 1 Products and placements during State of Origin 2012

From: Eat, drink and gamble: marketing messages about ‘risky’ products in an Australian major sporting series

Product Brands On field placements Off field placements
Alcohol XXXX Gold (Beer) Fixed banners around stadium Coach Box
Victoria Bitter (Beer) Triangular display boards on field Towelling
Tooheys (Beer) Fixed banner Backs of chair (dressing room)
Russian Standard Try post marker Drink coolers (exterior and interior)
Vodka (Spirits) Goal post padding Floor signage (dressing room)
Hahns Superdry (Beer) Painted logos on field Wall signage (dressing room)
Bottlemart (Alcohol store) Walk through banners Signage above doors (dressing room)
Bundaberg (Rum) Dynamic electronic banners Locker signage
  Player jersey logos Scoreboard advertising
Coach and Staff Uniforms Player jersey logos
   Coach and team staff uniforms
Gambling TAB Sports Bet Dynamic electronic banner None
Keno Replay Triangular display board on field  
Powerball Keno logo on envelope held by Commentator
Tatts Lotto  
Unhealthy Food and Beverages Coca Cola Zero (Beverage) Triangular display board on field Scoreboard advertising
Coca Cola (Beverage)   Dynamic electronic Banner
McDonalds (Unhealthy Food) Logos on the match ball McDonald’s stadium banner
Dominos (Unhealthy Food)   
Nutri Grain (Unhealthy Food)