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Table 2 Number of sick-leave spells due to specific diagnoses within each of the four diagnostic categories used in the analyses

From: Sickness absence due to otoaudiological diagnoses; a descriptive nationwide study

Categories Sick-leave diagnoses (ICD-10) Number of sick-leave spellsa(%)
Otological   1358 (100)
  H60 Otitis externa 128 (9.43)
  H61 Other disorders of external ear 29 (2.14)
  H65 Nonsuppurative otitis media 101 (7.44)
  H66 Suppurative and unspecified otitis media 493 (36.30)
  H70 Mastoiditis and related conditions 10 (0.74)
  H71 Cholesteatoma of middle ear 137 (10.09)
  H72 Perforation of tympanic membrane 109 (8.03)
  H74 Other disorders of middle ear and mastoid 43 (3.17)
  H80 Otosclerosis 252 (18.56)
  H92 Otalgia and effusion of ear classified elsewhere 16 (1.18)
  H95 Postprocedural disorders of ear and mastoid process, not elsewhere classified 16 (1.18)
Less than 10 sick-leave spells in 2005, summed H62 Disorders of external ear in diseases classified elsewhere; H67 Otitis media in diseases classified elsewhere; H68 Eustachian salpingitis and obstruction; H69 Other disorders of eustachian tube; H73 Other disorders of tympanic membrane; H75 Other disorders of middle ear and mastoid in diseases classified elsewhere; H94 Other disorders of ear in diseases 24 (17.67)
Hearing:   1078 (100)
  H83 Other diseases of inner ear 37 (3.43)
  H90 Conductive and sensorineural hearing loss 609 (56.49)
  H91 Other hearing loss 432 (40.07)
Vertigo   1532 (100)
  H81 Disorders of vestibular function 1516 (98.96)
  H82 Vertiginous syndromes in diseases classified elsewhere 16 (1.04)
Tinnitus H93 Other disorders of ear, not elsewhere classified (including tinnitus and other abnormal auditory perceptions) 1031 (100)
  1. a Total number of spells due to otoaudiological diagnoses: 4999.