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Archived Comments for: Local perceptions of cholera and anticipated vaccine acceptance in Katanga province, Democratic Republic of Congo

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  1. Corrigendum

    Sonja Merten, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland.

    10 January 2014

    The authors have noted that Figure 1 Perceived caused of cholera (%) is erroneous when the manuscript had already gone to the final publication production queue and a replacement of the Figure was not be possible at that stage. The correct results for the category most important in Figure 1 are: Drinking contaminated water 36.4, Contaminated food 12.8, Dirty environment 16.1, Lack of latrines 14.4, Flies 4.7, Not washing hands 3.6, Contact with contaminated water 1.4, Gods will 1.9, Witchcraft 3.3, Eating soil 0.3, Worms 0.3, Malaria 0.3, Violation of taboo 0.3, Forbiden food 0.3. The categories spontaneous and probed are not affected and the interpretation of the results remains unchanged.

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