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Table 1 Examples of how theoretical constructs are targeted by MobileMums text messages

From: Moving MobileMums forward: protocol for a larger randomized controlled trial of an improved physical activity program for women with young children

Social cognitive theory construct Example text message
Barrier self efficacy Jenny take a minute 2 think about how much better u feel after an exercise session. Remember this next time u don’t feel like doing it. Jacqui-MobileMums
Outcome expectancy Jenny. Don’t feel guilty 4 taking time out 2 exercise, mums say they r more patient & understanding because they exercise. Jacqui -MobileMums
Goal setting skills Jenny, its OK 2 miss a day now & then, we all do. The trick is 2 get back in2 it ASAP. Review the strategies we planned in ur handbook. Jacqui-MobileMums
Social support Jenny. Remember Luke wants 2 support u. Make sure he knows what ur MobileMums goal is & what he can do 2 help u meet it. Jacqui-MobileMums
Perceived environmental opportunity Hi Jenny. MobileMums r enjoying aqua aerobics at Redcliffe Aquatic Centre. Tues & Thurs 4 pm. Costs $6.50. Childcare available. Jacqui-MobileMums