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Table 1 Interview topics

From: The role of religious leaders in promoting acceptance of vaccination within a minority group: a qualitative study

1   Introductory questions
  a How many people are in your congregation?
  b How long have you had your position here?
  c Where were you previously appointed?
  d Do you have an idea of what the vaccination coverage in your congregation is?
2   Do you receive questions about vaccination from the members of your congregation?
  a What kinds of questions?
   - Interpretation of the bible and other text
   - Personal advice with regard to decision-making
   - Doubts of conscience following illness or vaccination
  b From whom and when?
  c How do you handle such?
  d More questions during epidemic outbreaks?
3   Do you have an idea of the decision-making process regarding vaccination in the families in your congregation?
  a What factors are, in your opinion, decisive?
4   Do you, yourself, raise the topic of vaccination for discussion?
  a During home visits?
  b During confirmation classes?
  c In sermons?
  d Otherwise
  e During epidemic outbreaks/
5   Do you have contact with other religious leaders on the topic of vaccination or other topics?
  a From your own denomination?
  b From other denominations?
  c Regularly? Or only during epidemics outbreaks?
6   Have you had contact with the government about vaccination or other topics?
  a With the mayor?
  b With the public health service?
  c Regularly? Or only during epidemics outbreaks?
7   What is your position on possibly obligatory vaccination?
8   Is there anything else that you think is of importance and would therefore like to add?