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Table 2 Contextual information for interview participants

From: Walking and cycling to work despite reporting an unsupportive environment: insights from a mixed-method exploration of counterintuitive findings

Pseudonym Gender Age Travel context
Andrew Male 43 Cycles every day to work; lives a 12-minute cycle ride from work
Debbie Female 61 Reports some walking; lives in a small village 20 miles from work without good public transport and mainly drives; at time of survey she used park-and-ride and so walked from bus stop; at time of interview six months later she drives
Frank Male 61 Cycles four miles every day to work
Gordon Male 68 Is given a lift by partner halfway to work and walks the rest of the way; used to cycle the 6.5 miles from his village to work
Greg Male 61 Cycles 25 minutes every day to work from suburbs
Hannah Female 23 Walks 10 minutes every day to the bus stop to catch the bus to work; lives in village 13 miles outside of Cambridge, from which the journey takes her 1½ hours
Isabel Female 52 Cycles six miles every day to work from north of Cambridge to the south
John Male 36 Cycles 15 minutes every day to work
Katie Female 42 Cycles 15–20 minutes every day from the suburbs
Lucy Female 45 Drives every day to the park-and-ride facility and then walks 30 minutes to work
Martin Male 49 Usually drives the 15 miles to work but aims to cycle all the way twice a week
Pete Male 41 Cycles every day to work; most direct route would be 10 miles and take him 35 minutes
Sam Male 58 On four days a week car-shares with his wife to work; on fifth day, walks 20 minutes on a busy road to the railway station to travel the 15 miles to Cambridge and then walks a further 10 minutes to work
Sophie Female 33 Usually cycles from the park-and-ride to work, but once a week she cycles the six miles all the way to work from her village outside Cambridge
Susanne Female 39 Takes the bus to work; she also walks to the bus stop and still cycles between her two workplaces in Cambridge